Welcome! My name is Melinda and this is where I start blogging.

Blogging is just writing out loud I guess.

It feels a little like taking my diary and showing it to my friends, except I can cover up what I’m not ready for you to see yet.

And yet showing even a little bit of it still reveals something about who I am for the world to see. And that’s the challenge I’ve accepted really- to be known.

For years my heart has been seeking ways to connect with others, to truly engage in relationships that are true and meaningful. And guess what? I’m learning that my ability to really know others is directly related to how much I am willing to be known by others.

To be real.

To talk about what matters most to me.

To be vulnerable.

So I’m jumping in! And there is no better place to start than with Live Love. My amazing husband Paul began using this phrase while we were living in Guatemala. After moving to Chandler, we officially started Live Love as a non-profit in 2007, in order to invite others to the daily challenge of living lives full of love. It sounds easy enough, but we were learning it was harder than it sounded, and we needed others on the journey with us.

We continue to learn what it means to Live Love everyday, in every moment. We invite you to join us- welcome to the adventure!

Annabelle Chinchen