Time flies. We’ve heard it before. It pushes forward whether we are paying attention or not.

Whether we like it or not.

It’s funny, because I’ve actually spent a bit of time writing on the topic of waiting. For years I felt like I was stuck in a waiting room.

Just waiting.

At some point it will be time to share those stories of longing and infertility in the waiting room of life. That’s a story for another day. But in the last week something has shifted. Like I’ve stepped from one page to the next in my life story.

My son graduates from high school next week. You read that like it’s no big deal. Lots of kids will graduate in the next few weeks. But for me, that statement is loaded with emotion and agony and celebration all swirled together in a giant tornado. We have dubbed this milestone “victory over high school”!

“Hear ye! Hear ye! Sound the trumpets and bring out the crown.”

Like that sort of victory.

Years of scratching and scraping and climbing and digging. And here we are at the finish line! And now things have changed. Now Kevin is a high school graduate.

As I’m taking all this in, something else happens. I don’t know when or how exactly and I’m not even really sure how I missed it. But in a split second, Yuli, my baby, isn’t a baby.

She’s 12, finishing 6th grade; it’s a normal day and nothing’s changed.

Except it has.

I looked at her and she was instantly a beautiful young lady- just like that. I’ve heard rumors about this day. The day when you realize your kids are growing up. But I imagined I’d be older when it happened. Not this week. Not now. Not already. But things have changed. Now Yuli is a young lady.

Time flies. Even when it feels like it’s not. And over time, change happens. Sometimes with great effort and public display, and other times quietly, barely noticed by others. Some change will require radical redirection, while other change is gentle steering.

As I reflect on the changes happening in my own home, I’m reminded that time flies. It’s moving forward. Every moment counts.  I’m going to sit on top of this mountain for a few minutes and take it all in. I will celebrate the victory and admire the beauty!

Annabelle Chinchen