Live Love
Speak Love, Act Love, Live Love; Together we can change the world





Live Love is a community development non-profit partnering with neighborhood leaders for the purpose of building strong community, connecting people, and caring for our neighbors.  Identifying and mobilizing assets is the best way to ensure sustainable neighborhood-driven development.  For this reason, since 2007, we have been working alongside leaders within the downtown community who are striving to create change and healthy growth right where they live.

Bringing together community volunteers to work side-by-side with residents in downtown neighborhoods, we have been working to restore beauty and dignity in the lives of our neighbors. Through annual community building events to monthly community care activities in support of elderly, disabled and single parents, we strive to promote caring communities in Chandler


Paul and Melinda officially established Live Love as a non-profit in 2007 in order to invite others to the daily challenge of living lives full of love. But it truly began through a friendship that Paul had with a homeless man named Carlos while we were living in Guatemala several years before.  Through that friendship he discovered that love truly can change the life of each person we meet.  We believe that everything matters…every choice made and every word spoken.  Love can and does change us.  But we can’t just talk about love; we must show the truth of our love through our actions.  We are meant to act love, speak love, and live love.  

Live Love is not merely a slogan or even a program; it is a way of life.

You can read more about the personal stories leading up to this in our blogs, but here is a little bit about each of us.

Paul and Melinda

They say opposites attract- and in our case, that has proven to be true!

Paul recharges in solitude, while I crave quality time with those close to my heart.

I love working outside beautifying the yard, and Paul labors to bake the best sourdough bread on the planet.

I could watch baseball everyday of the year, but he flips from the cooking network to the travel channel and back again.

Paul talks about retiring in the Puget Sound, while I dream of warm sand and sunny days.

But we both love coffee, ethnic food, laughing out loud, and days full of activity. We are drawn to helping others, seeking out adventure, and avoiding the easy way through. We believe our lives are stories meant to be lived fully and shared openly.

We never really know what each day will bring, but what we do know is that we will do it together, side by side, one day at a time, for as long as we can!