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We are excited to share that we met our fundraising goal at the end of 2017!  Thanks to the generous giving of so many, the loan for the 2-acre Oasis Community Project is paid off.    

Our next step is to begin development of The Oasis and our vision for this space in the community.  For those of you just jumping in with us, welcome to the adventure.  

Imagine… A lush garden space where neighbors come, breathe deep, and just be.

                       A beautiful  Oasis tucked in among the tightly packed homes, gravel yards, and security bars.

                       An interruption in the pavement, as if it’s out of place and yet so perfectly placed at the same time.

                       Something  beautiful  growing up from the dirt.

This is our vision for transforming this 2-acre plot of dirt into a beautiful Oasis for the downtown Chandler neighborhood.  We desire to create a beautiful space that will include:
*    A large community garden where neighbors work together to grow healthy food for their families.
*    A learning space where teens and adults can further develop vocational skills including woodworking, 
  art, and cooking.
*    A beautifully landscaped space for families to celebrate important occasions that reflect their culture.

We invite you to become part of this adventure with us by donating financially to the development phase.  There is also need for professional services related to the design and building of the project, as well as in-kind donations of landscape and building materials.  Contact us with questions or for more information about joining the team.  Together we can create beautiful things out of the dirt.