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A lush garden space where neighbors come, breathe deep, and just be.

A beautiful oasis tucked in among the tightly packed homes, gravel yards, and security bars.

An interruption in the pavement, as if it’s out of place and yet so perfectly placed at the same time.

Something beautiful growing up from the dirt.


Live Love invites you to join us as we begin transforming a 2-acre plot of dirt into a beautiful oasis for the downtown Chandler neighborhood.

Live Love is about building strong community. Connecting people. Engaging with our neighbors.

Connecting with others is the foundation for learning to authentically care for others. And once we care, we find strength in working together, side-by-side. It starts with connecting and that drives much of what we do at Live Love.

The vision is to create a beautiful space that will include:

  • A large community garden where neighbors work together to grow healthy food for their families.
  • A beautifully landscaped space for families to celebrate important occasions that reflect their culture.
  • A small farm where kids learn to care for animals.
  • A learning space where teens and adults can further develop vocational skills.
  • An on-site caretaker residence to oversee project and engage in community.

This dream for a community farm and garden adds a deeper level of connectivity within the neighborhood. We continue connecting with each other through beauty and nature.  Digging in the soil, planting and harvesting, sharing a meal, celebrating milestones, watching the goats play or the birds feed, or the bees pollinate…

Be Part of the Adventure

Be part of the adventure by pledging to give toward our Beautiful Things- The Oasis Campaign.  Together, we can create beautiful things out of the dirt.